Summer Concert

An evening of folklore. 

Larger than life.

Our storied past.

Our imagination.

Our heroes and our inspiration. 

"Myths and legends are the instruments by which we continually struggle to make our experience intelligible to ourselves." 

When: August 11 or 13, to be decided by Covid-19

Where: The Lyceum in Old Town on August 11, if cases are less than 100 per 100,000 in Fairfax County.

The Ampitheatre at Mason District Park on August 13, if cases are greater than 100 per 100,000 in Fairfax County. 

For details on rehearsals, tuition, attire and more,

open our Participation Guidelines. 

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Location if August 11:

The Lyceum

201 S Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.46.13 PM.pn

 Location if August 13:

The Amphitheater

Mason District Park

6621 Columbia Pike

Annandale, VA 22003

Site map below.  

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