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NM Productions, Inc., Summer Concert Series

A beautiful and affordable,theatre experience for the entire family.


This year's annual studio concert, "Americana" will take place at 7:30 on Wednesday, July 12

at Fairfax Town Hall in Fairfax, Virginia



The Americana Concept

This concert, "Americana," is inspired by the glorious melting pot that is the United States. Whether selections are inspired by personal heritage, history, one of America's mini cultures, or by traditional Americana, this program is all about honoring personal global history.

The program includes a diverse array of folk traditions, including some works never publicly performed before. You will also hear beautiful selections from American Broadway, International classical works, and jazz.


The Summer Concert is an annual gala concert event for studio members. The venue and concept varies. A professional videotape with a dedicated sound recording is made each year, and many performances are selected for the studio youtube channel.


Students have the opportunity to perform as soloists or within small ensembles, in a formal concert setting. Dress for this event is either black tie or costumes for performers, and a wide range of musical styles are presented in accordance with the interests of each year’s cast. Genres include musical theatre, opera, jazz and pop/rock.



What is the Summer Concert?

NM Productions, Inc.,  Summer Concert Series

Explore, and learn about the history and mission of our concert series, via a 2014 interview by DC Metro Theatre Arts with director, Laurie Nelson. The interview is available at:



From the archives:

Take a look! 

Chanter L'Enver, Trailer:

Give it a listen:

Duration: 1:44; featured performances from previous productions.

Images from productions 2011-2014:

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