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The Acting Studios At NM Productions

The goal of instruction within the acting studio, is to develop skills which are relevant to the medium which interests our students. Our program is designed to develop knowledge of repertoire, technique and best practices within the industries of stage, film and broadcasting. The program provides private instruction, scene work and voice-over training,

Private Lessons

"Your singing gets you to call backs. Your acting gets you cast." - Stephen Sondheim

If you have natural acting ability, bravo! That is a wonderful thing. There is nothing to be gained by neglecting to train that gift. If you do, you will meet those in auditions who share your level of ability and invest in it, and they will surpass you. Let's hold on to your advantage and choose to learn. As in any craft, there is much to develop and know. Reach beyond your current limits, whatever they may be, and excel.


Training for individuals may include the following:


  • Monologues

  • College Audition Support expert guidance on selection and development of unique material, ideally suited to your individual strengths and "type". Rule of thumb: the sooner the better. It is important to begin this at least by the junior year of high school, to give your coach the opportunity to know you, help you develop your strengths, and offer complete guidance.

  • Professional Audition, Call Back and Performance Support

  • Sides

  • Cold Readings

  • Acting for Musical Theatre

  • Acting for Opera


We provide expert guidance in developing your skills as a performer. Your training experience will be positive and supportive.


Expertise includes:


  • Deep knowledge of repertoire from varied time periods (classical, contempory, etc.)

  • Shakespeare

  • Education in Acting Methods

  • Film Versus Stage

  • College Audition Monologues

  • Professional Audition Support and Prep

Format: On Line or In Person (once the pandemic allows)

Cost: $50 per half hour staff lesson rate; either weekly or alternating week lessons are possible.

Payment Schedule: Monthly Payment is due at the first lesson of each month.

Payment Methods:

PayPal (new students)

Checks (established students) NM Productions, Inc. Details will be shared via email. 

In Person Location:  The Voice Studio

Cancellation: NM Productions' Cancellation Policy applies.


Note: You do not have to be a member of the voice studios to take acting lessons.


NM Productions' Scenes Partners

As the saying goes, half of acting is reacting. To enhance the training experience, interested students can request a studio scene partner to attend certain lessons. 


Your acting teacher will work to arrange a partner for you from within the studio. 

Acting Studio Events:
Cabaret Performances:
On Line Performances:
Zoom Coffeehouses:
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NM Productions' staff teacher, Ashley Batten offers expert, private, voice-over training. Ashley has extensive professional voice-over experience in both the corporate and educational realms.

  1. Improve your delivery, speaking with greater variety of dynamics, tempo, range, and volume. We’ll work on breaking down your scripts into acting beats with a new acting objective per beat.

  2. Learn to develop your character’s back story. Every detail matters...even how you stand and your mannerisms, even though they won’t be seen!

  3. Pick up accents and dialects by reviewing vowel and consonant sound changes with the help of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

  4. Work on creating the perfect demo (cartoon, commercial, and audio book).


Cost: $50 half hour staff lesson rate; weekly or alternating week lessons are recommended.

Current details on Payment methods, policies, etc., will be shared via email. 

Note: You do not have to be a member of the voice studio to take voice-over lessons.

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