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Voice Lessons In Person and Online

  • We are presently offering a hybrid of in-person and online lessons.

  • Post Covid, our faculty is teaching lessons in their own home studios rather than all lessons taking place at one location in the primary studio.

  • All students, regardless of the teacher/studio, are able to take advantage of our opportunities and events.

  • Different faculty members are offering different combinations or formats as well as specifics on testing requirements. These details will be shared when you contact us. 

  • For online training, some helpful info on how to get the most from the virtual format is below. 

Online Performance Fluency: Certain theatre groups, audition opps and university programs have continued offering and/or requiring online or video auditions. It's useful to use the training opportunity to learn how to  excel in these situations. We will  help you achieve great sound, lighting and camera work when preparing for online situations.

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Check List of Necessities Online:
  • Video Device: A laptop or desktop computer are preferred for video. A tablet works, but with a tablet, we lose access to zoom's audio settings which can downgrade our experience together.

    • External Microphone: For the best experience, connect an external USB microphone to your laptop.  Top rated are the Blue Yeti or the Yeti Snowball. 

  • Playback Device: Ideally, this will be your phone or tablet. Connect this to a blue tooth speaker for the best audio quality.

  • Accompaniments: For music chosen in your lessons, your teacher will usually supply you with pdfs for sheet music, along with mp3s or links for accompaniments.  Due to lag time, accompaniment must be played at your location. 

  • Sheet Music: Please print your music! Have a 3 ring binder available. If your music is not yet organized into a notebook, we'll guide you in getting that done so you can move through the musical world like a pro.

  • If you have a music stand, please bring it into your music space so we can use it. 

  • APPS: We are currently using Zoom for voice and acting lessons. Some music skills training may take place on Google Meets. 

Your Lesson Space:
  1. If possible, create a space you use consistently for your voice lessons and for your practice. If you have a keyboard or piano in your home, it would be great to have access to it during your lesson and/or practice. 

  2. Choose a space where you can stand away from your computer/microphone to sing. This helps avoid distortion. Ideally, the location you choose for your lessons will afford you enough privacy to feel comfortable. 

  3. Live Hallways, bathrooms, or any room with lots of hard surface and tall ceilings, would be less ideal. Such spaces tend to magnify sound and increase microphone input distortion. Distortion makes it tricky for me to hear your true sound.

Helpful Gear:

Most helpful "extras" are a speaker and an external microphone. All 3 suggestions will enhance the quality of your experience.

  1. Blue Tooth Speaker for your playback device (accompaniments). If one is not already available in your household, there are many affordable options on Amazon.

  2. Music Stand: Collapsible (about $12.50 on Amazon) or solid (about $35 on Amazon)

  3. External microphone for your video device. This improves the sound that reaches me, allowing me to guide you more accurately. It also minimizes the distortion that is somewhat inherent in the small microphones that are integrated into computers, phones, etc. Popular choices are the Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic or the Blue Yeti microphone. The Blue Yeti with room settings is a great choice. 

Rates, Payment Methods, Registration:

Rates for private lessons range from $50 to $60 per half hour lesson, depending on the teacher. New students must commit to a group of 4 lessons to start.

Our minimum age for a beginning student is 13. There is no maximum age! Register for lessons and learn more about our program and availability by emailing

Registration: Registration will be accomplished in 2 simple steps. Those steps are submission of tuition  and a signed copy of our Planned Absence Policy. To learn more and to register for lessons, contact

Payment Methods: Zelle or PayPal. Specifics will be shared when you contact us to register. Email to inquire. 

See Policies for more information. 

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