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The Voice Studios of Laurie Nelson

​The Voice Studios of Laurie Nelson at NM Productions, Inc.


Our studio is well established, with 30 years' experience successfully preparing singers to meet their varied goals. We offer lessons a broad age range, beginning with the teen years. The age range of our current student roster is 13 to 73. Our minimum age is 13. We do not presently offer lessons to singers younger than 13 years of age. 


If Laurie Nelson's roster is full, we have several wonderful staff teachers for both acting and voice, who have been well trained in the Nelson method, and whose students enjoy full access to our extensive music library, opportunities and activities. You can read bios on Laurie Nelson and each of our staff by clicking on the faculty bio tab.


We enjoy an open exchange of techniques and ideas between colleagues at our studio. Every voice is unique, and it is our belief that while there are certain "truisms" of vocal pedagogy, there is no single technique that is correct for all singers. It is our practice to focus on diagnostics when applying technical knowledge and we embrace an awareness of the goals of each singer. With this approach, we arrive at a custom training approach for each vocalist.


General Voice Program
Additional characteristics which set this studio apart are our integrated approach to the needs of our singers and and our consistently informed, classical vocal technique.


We work hard to provide our singers with an abundance of information and the means to achieve within the competitive world of Northern VA and the east coast. We are service oriented, and offer various workshops and performance opportunities.

We believe that singing is a basic human birthright. While many singers here are working professionals, we also welcome singers who sing purely for enjoyment. Serious career aspirations are not a prerequisite. Ages currently range from 13 to 73.

Technical Philosophy:
Classical technique is the basis for healthy singing in every genre, whether opera, musical theatre, jazz or pop. Beginning with a classical foundation, our approach to training and repertoire is tailored to the interests of the individual. For modern musical theatre singers and pop singers, classical training is essential to healthful mixed voice singing and "belt mix." This foundation promotes the longevity of the voice. For aspiring classical singers, technical training is ideally supplemented with repertoire coaching. On our recommendation, students schedule lesson time with highly qualified rep coaches who will work on interpretation, diction, ornamentation, phrasing and the legato line.

Musical Theatre Program:
Laurie Nelson Voice Studios offer special training opportunities for young students interested primarily in musical theatre. For 8th and 9th grade students we might recommend alternating a weekly lesson between voice and acting. From sophomore year, a weekly voice lesson is always recommended while maintaining a bi-weekly acting lesson, if possible. Voice study encompasses technique and repertoire, as well as audition support and sight singing/music theory tutoring as needed. Our acting coaches support the student in developing a solid approach to character development, improvisation skills, monologue selection and development as well as specific audition support as needed.





Laurie Nelson's

Studios at NM Productions, Inc.


With 30 years experience,  training and service to singers in the Washington, DC area, we are one of Virginia's most established voice studios. Our secret? We work hard to take the lead with current methods and we invest our time to remain informed on opportunities for our singers. Your success is our success and your goals are our goals.


We believe a classical foundation is the basis for all healthy singing, and we are knowledgeable in its application to varied vocal styles and musical genres.


Our musical theatre program includes "legit," "belt-mix," and acting training.



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