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Singing Lessons in Northern Virginia

As one of Northern Virginia's finest and most established voice studios, serving you is our top priority. To that end, we offer training in each of the skills relevant to your singing. We offer training appropriate for a variety of genres, workshops, audition support, career guidance and performance opportunities.



Annual Concerts

Various performance opportunities are created through the studio for our students. From  gala concert events to cabaret showcases, students have the opportunity to perform as soloists or within ensembles in both formal and casual settings. See EVENTS.

Performance Workshops

Performance Class is held twice annually, usually before winter break, and again in late July or early August.


The class is a workshop in which students develop performance skills and audition skills. Students should use the workshop to prepare for performance events, governor’s school auditions, college auditions, professional auditions, competitions, or simply to improve confidence in the performance environment.

Sight Singing and Music Theory Workshops

Many ensembles, and certain professional organizations, require sight singing as part of their audition process. Refresh this important skill with an intensive workshop.

An Interview With Voice Teacher, Laurie Nelson


Visit at

for an interview by David Siegel with Laurie Nelson on NM Productions' Annual Summer Concert.


As a voice student of Laurie Nelson's studios, you have the opportunity to be featured on the NM Productions Voice Lessons In Northern Virginia YouTube Channel.


Our channel has more than 140,000 views and is dedicated exlusively to performances by our students. Posts generally produce strong search engine results for our singers.


Before directors cast you for the first time, it is probable they will google you to learn more about your work. It is one of our goals to support you in establishing your online presence.


Please talk with us about what requirements must be met for your performance to be posted to our channel. Requirements are quality based. We post as a free service.


We are proud of our students and actively support their performance goals. Check out our Fairfax County Voice Studio YouTube Channel

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