With Sight Singing on the Side

Basic Info:​

  • Classroom: Zoom

  • Options: 

    • Private Lessons 

    • Shared Lessons

  • Contact LaurieNelson.studio@gmail.com for more info.

  • Eligibility: Any student studying at NM Productions, Inc.

What will I learn?

  • Learning begins with a review of note names, continues to key signatures, the circle of 5ths, major & minor scales, and culminates with intervalic theory and chord building/analysis.

  • Each class will also include some sight singing.

Required Materials

  • Students must purchase a subscription to Sight Reading Factory, which is $35. Information is found at https://www.sightreadingfactory.com/pricing.

  • Other materials will be provided either through screen share, free websites, or as pdfs students will need to print prior to class.


  • Tuition is $45 per half hour, which can be shared by partners if desired. A half hour session may be shared by 2 students. An hour session may be shared by 3 students.