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zoom audio settings

Here's a link to a list of helpful gear and how to set things up (spacing and distance) for best sound.



Getting the most out of zoom audio settings: 

It is important to use a laptop or desktop for your video feed. These settings cannot be accessed from a phone. You can use a phone or ipad (connected to a blue tooth speaker for volume) for your accompaniment tracks. 


1. Open audio settings. Audio settings are accessed using the arrow next to the mic/mute icon) on the bottom left of the screen. Audio Settings will appear at the bottom of the dropdown menu.




























settings access.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 2.16.28 PM.png

2.   Microphone Settings: 

  1. Next, look for to the header titled "Microphone."  Zoom should automatically select the correct mic, or your external usb mic if you have one connected, but if it does not, select the one you want to use.  

  2. Un-click the "automatically adjust microphone volume" box. 

  3. Adjust the volume to about 75% of maximum as a starting point and test/adjust from there. Once your settings are complete, it's a good idea to leave this box open and monitor your input level. You'll want a level that does not go all the way to the right when you make your biggest/highest sounds. One little box level away is fine.

3. Suppress Background Noise:

  1. Under the Suppress Background Noise section, choose "Low." (Video applications hear held notes as background noise.)

4. Music and Professional Audio:

  1. Click to turn on the "Show In Meeting Option to Enable Original Sound" option.

  2. Click to turn on the High Fidelity Music Mode option.

  3. Click to turn on Echo Cancellation

Screen Shot 2021-10-30 at 2.35.41 PM.png

All Done! 

victory dance image for settings page.jpeg
Settings for the Blue Yeti:

If you own a Blue Yeti, choose the far left setting (stereo) for singing far enough away for your sound to be enhanced by the room's natural reverb. This is the most effective setting for most female voices and for male voices when singing at a distance. Start with the gain set to 9:00 and the volume set to about 11:30.


You should then be able to turn your zoom input level all the way up, or nearly all the way up. 


Leave your zoom audio settings box open, and monitor your level. The goal is for the sound to remain solidly in the "green" zone. Your teacher will give you feedback on what sounds best in terms of distance and input level.

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 11.53.04
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