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Studio Events and Workshops


Fall 2018 Events:

  • Sight Singing Bootcamp; Friday, October 6, 6:00 to 8:00 PM

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Autumn Workshop
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Sight Singing Bootcamp:
October 11, 6:00 -8:00 pm

This workshop is an opportunity for singers to hone their sight singing and musicianship skills. This workshop is open to all singers interested in improving their audition outcomes. 

Singers auditioning for Honor's Choir on October 13 are strongly encouraged to attend.

Sight Singing Bootcamp is also a confidence builder for placement exams that take place during college auditions. 

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Archived Concert Events

  • "Emoji!" took place at GMU's Harris Theatre on Saturday, August 6

  • See our archives and YouTube Performances

To read a full article on our concert series: NM Productions' Summer Concert in DCMetrotheatrearts, go to:


Please view samples of voice studio performances, and learn more about Singing Lessons in Fairfax County at NM Productions, Inc. at

From the

Archives: Summer Concert 2016

Emofi Trailer


From the

Archives: Summer Concert 2015

Chanter L'Enver Trailer



Hundreds of gorgeous photographs are up and available for viewing on our Facebook page, NM Productions, Inc. Voice and Drum Lessons In Northern Virginia and Fairfax County.



Look for "Sight Singing Workshop and Drill" in the fall.


  • Many ensembles, and certain professional organizations, require sight singing as part of their audition process. Refresh your solo sight singing skills with an intensive workshop.

  • Dates and Fees: Workshops are usually held in the fall. Notification of dates, times, and fees will be provided prior to each class via emails and fliers.


A flier will be distributed both in lessons and via email as each event approaches.  Specific dates, times, and fee information will be presented at that time.

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