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We use a pro format for our concert bios. Specific instructions for you are below. 


Our bios are short, simple and easy to construct. Please do your best to hold your bio to less than 70 - 75 words. 


Please see the link to samples below.



Please copy/paste your bio in the body of your return email, rather than sending it as an attachment. 



Our Format:


  1. ·      Introduction

  2. ·      Credits. Use Bold for Headings (type of experience), followed by the info. See attached samples

  3. ·.     Closing sentence. 


Your name, followed by what school you are currently attending, your year there or you can start with your profession, including education information if it seems reasonable to do so.



Helpful Hint:

Using this "things to include" list for category suggestions, I would suggest creating your own list of experiences to include, then build your bio using the simple instructions above.


Things you might include:



  • ·      Any choirs, in and out of school, including district choir, state choir etc. Any special offices or positions you hold or have held within those programs


Musical Theatre:

  • ·      Listed by Show, with character name in parentheses, you can also specify the organization. 

  • ·      If specifying, you can do one of 2 things. You can group the shows you have done with a single organization, including their name only once, or you can use the full name once and use an acronym every time after.



  • ·      Same format as musical theatre


  • Opera:

·      Same format as above.


  • Cabaret:

·      Includes productions such as DOB. Should be listed as "scenes from" followed by the listing of shows. Do not include the specific song.


  • Summer Study

·      List the program, year, location


  • Special training: 

·      Private study of dance, voice, other instruments, acting, etc.


If you like, you can end the bio with a special interest sentence (such as you enjoy basket weaving and pool sharking) or if you have a future engagement, you might include that... (in 2014, Suzie looks forward to her debut at the Met as Mimi in La Boheme). (o;

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